Monday, April 6, 2015

Apple May Not Support 4K Resolution With The Next Apple TV

Until next WWDC 2015, most probably see the launch of the new Apple TV but according to the latest report of BuzzFeed, will not support the 4K.

According to the source, Apple stated that "the 4K is a very interesting technology, but for the moment there are no devices that support it. Wanting to keep the cost of the Apple TV, it is useless to implement a technology so little supported, for the moment. "

Words that seem to lack credibility if attributed to a company like Apple, which has created an iMac with 5K resolution, which has removed support for floppy disk or CD ROM the same anticipating the times when even "if they felt the need" and that he never minded that much to the cost of the products.

The next Apple TV should integrate an App Store that can run games and applications, controlled by a remote touchscreen. Furthermore, should allow users to subscribe to a monthly plan of 30/40 $ per able to see the TV series and other 25 channels via internet streaming.