Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Responds About Apple Watch Shipping Times

During the weekend, the user Andrew Turko sent an e-mail to Apple CEO Tim Cook to share his thoughts about the launch of Apple Watch and limits on orders. Well, the executive team of Apple responded to this e-mail, throwing a little 'light on concerns about the company's plans to launch and shipments.

Many people are concerned about the long waiting times for Apple Watch. All models were sold in less than six hours, and orders placed today will not be shipped for months. Many buyers will receive their device in June, July, and August, but Apple believes that some of these orders could be processed before the estimated time of delivery.

The member of the executive team at Apple, who spoke with the user Andrew Turko of long delivery times for previous devices like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, he noted that the estimates on shipments were much longer than you would then in fact revealed, and suggested that the same thing could happen with Apple Watch.

In the e-mail response was said to Andrew that discussions on stocks in-store on the day of the launch, and the announcement of the official date (24/04) of the launch of Apple Watch were considered by Apple with "great attention ". The company wanted to prevent the formation of long lines of customers outside the Apple Store in the absence of devices available for purchase.

In order then to offer customers the best shopping experience, Apple has decided that all orders of Apple Watch must be made online.

The member of the executive team said that Apple is committed to the maximum for the launch of the new device and hopes to improve the shopping experience through the new booking system Apple Watch.