Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apple Watch Battery Has A Limited Life

Since yesterday was officially launched the new Apple Watch, the first units to reach customers who have already started to preorder one another on April 10, the clock is in the center of Cupertino attention during this period. Although Apple has already informed us that the battery life is only a few hours, in terms of total autonomy loading cycle, today we learn more about it and especially the battery has a limited lifespan, to everyone's surprise.

Even the official website of the company, Apple informs us that the Apple Watch battery is designed to retain up to 80% of initial capacity to 1,000 complete charge cycles. This means in practice that the terms of the Apple Watch battery can operate up to three years, if we consider that it is fully charged every day. Obviously, the more often it is loaded, and the life in years is shorter.

In comparison, both devices MacBook and iPad tablets, can receive up to 1,000 complete charge cycles, while keeping up to 80% of original battery capacity. Instead, the terminal iPhone is not as well at this, as we all know from everyday life. IPhone battery terminal can receive up to 500 full charge cycles and that of iPod touch up to 400 complete charges until it is recommended that it be replaced with a less worn or even nine.

As we saw yesterday, iFixit disassembled the device from Apple Watch the Extension you it was revealed 205 mAh battery only little offering a range of up to 18 hours for a mixed use and up to 72 hours Power Reserve mode enabled. The battery is covered by Apple international warranty for one year from time of purchase. Apple also offers an additional warranty package worth $ 79 battery replacement plus a $ 6.95 charge transport.