Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Watch Could Help Patients . Let's See

The Apple Watch is coming and we know some of the possible uses of this new device. There are things that we have not thought of and very interesting things that we discover day after day. Now for example, we talk about how, with the necessary applications, Apple Watch can change the way you interact with the doctors and with the intake of drugs for treatment.

Users who purchase Apple Watch can take advantage of certain features medical and health very interesting. With the necessary applications in fact, you can extend the uses that we already know and transform Apple Watch into something more versatile and powerful.

For example with the app HealthTap will be able to connect with a real doctor virtually and get a consultation directly from Apple Watch (this service is currently available only in the US). But not only that, but the way we communicate with the doctors will change, because the health data collected from iPhone and Watch can be sent to the doctors directly from your wrist. In addition, through the dictation, you will have a consultation really quickly and directly from Apple Watch.

But not all: in fact, who follows one or more drug therapies could risk forgetting the moments of the day in which to take the necessary drugs. To this we think the specific application for Apple Watch WebMD that easily remind users when to take the necessary medicines. Still, you can enjoy the daily programs of medication, dosage, and their timing.

These are just some examples of how things could change with Apple Watch, as well as have changed over time for smartphones. We will stay to see and discover many other things with the passage of time.

Recall that Apple Watch is available for pre-order in some countries and will be available from April 24.