Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple Watch Has Been Tested Under Water, Here Is How Resilient (Video)

One of the main questions about Apple Watch is how resilient the time while using underwater, specifically when using the shower or while swimming in the sea or in the pool, and come in our help Australians receiving first new clock Apple and have thought to use it in a swimming session and in the video above you can see what they did.

Apple claims that Apple Watch is waterproof IPX7 standard, meaning you can use up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without them being affected in any way, but Australians have thought that Apple may be about conservative with these recommendations, so they wanted to see how strong it really is new product since many will go with him and probably will monitor its performance swimming.

First Australians have used Apple Watch Sport in the shower and watch the "escaped" the test unharmed after a brief delete it running smoothly, Tim Cook confirming a few months ago as a shower with the new product. Going forward, Apple Watch australianii placed in a bucket with water for 5 minutes and the product came out of it unharmed, completely functional after deletion.

Finally came swimming test, here the clock being used for 15 minutes in water at various depths which probably did not exceed 1 meter, and despite the fact that the screen did not work under water, as was expected, the crown can be digital further used without problems, deleting water around housings, components and watch the screen leaving unharmed and ready for use.

Basically Apple Watch can be used for showering and swimming in the normal and nothing will affect functionality, it being more resistant to water than Apple told us, but that does not mean you can stay under water for more than 30 minutes and that you can dive with him at depths less than 1 meter.