Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apple Watch - Precise Sensors And Sapphire Impossible To Scratch (Video)

Apple Watch was delivered this week a large number of customers around the world, now and in testing laboratories of many reviewers, among them are those from Consumer Reports. Recognized as one of the most honest reviewers electronics products, the people at Consumer Reports says that the front of the Apple Watch Sport is extremely difficult to scratch, only objects whose hardness reach grade 7 on the Moh's scale.

Regarding Apple Watch stainless steel, whose screen is protected by a sapphire glass, the people at Consumer Reports say that scratching is impossible in their tests. Of course, in these tests they have used a diamond, sapphire would be scratched, but it is unlikely that any ordinary user to go through such a problem before.

The sapphire crystal performed as expected, which is to say very well. It survived a 9-rated pick from our kit. The Apple Watch Sport made it up to a 7-rated pick without damage, but was scratched by an 8-rated pick. So the face of the Apple Watch is definitely harder than that of the Apple Watch Sport. But the performance of the hardened glass of the Sport model is pretty impressive as well. An 8 on the Mohs scale is equivalent to topaz, just one step below sapphire. 

Apart from Apple Watch resistance tests that I've seen on other occasions, people from Consumer Reports say the sensors used by Apple for clock is accurate. Both sensor to measure heart rate, as well as for measuring steps taken by users are exactly, but given the complex process of testing, this was expected.

With this recommendation from Consumer Reports of Apple Watch becomes more attractive to Americans, many people purchase intention based on tests of this publication.