Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apple Watch scratch, but here's why you should not scare (Video)

Apple Watch stainless steel scratch quite easily, or at least that they noticed some users who used the new product from Friday until yesterday or today, so many complain on the internet because of scratches that you see in the image. Apple uses 316L stainless steel housing for Apple Watch, as well as in the old iPods and as some probably know something, this material is scratched.

Before you think that Apple uses very poor quality material for Apple Watch, you must know that the same type of material used and other watches, including Rolex and some models is normal to scratch. In the video you will see that scratches occur during normal use, but the upside is that they can be removed even by the user or by a skilled jeweler.

If you still think you broke the scratches own Apple Watch, then buying a polish rod material should solve your problem quickly, but everything with great alarm before. The problem with this polish is that it can affect some components of Apple Watch, so you must very careful that he does not enter the enclosure, or around digital crown.

If you feel skillful enough to work with a solution to polish the stainless steel casing of the watch you, then surely you will not have problems to buy everything you need to solve the problem. Some jewelers or some specialized people watch repair using similar solutions to clean carcasses kind that gets scratched, the procedure is a common one.

Now, despite the fact that housing scratching Watch Apple is not in itself an Apple problem, and the use of harder steel would have increased the price, these days will bring enough complaints scratchgate.