Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple Watch Takes 60 Seconds To Boot [ Video ]

Little by little we know more about the Apple Watch, information that has little to do with the availability date in the countries where it has not reached that moment nor was he expected yet . This time a user, where if Apple Watch is available for testing, dedicated to calculate the time it takes to turn on the device when it is completely off.

The result of this experiment has shown a 60-second result. The chip integrates S1 is similar to A5, but not the same as an iPhone with the same chip takes about 30 seconds to start up. The 60 seconds it takes for the Apple Watch suggests either that the S1 chip is as powerful as it was assumed at first, or the operating system that manages Watch OS, load many functions soon after starting the clock.

The units exposed by Apple, are demos that just can tinker, so maybe the time to turn the device could be only in the demo units, while the units that Apple will begin shipping in a few days, the time required to switch and control Apple Watch may be much lower. Sure as we do with the iPhone and the iPad, all users who do we with Apple Watch, I doubt that dedicate ourselves to turn off the device at night while we load.

The latest forecasts on sales of Apple Watch suggest that Apple could have reached today three million reserves, 1.8 million correspond to the model Sport, 1.2 million steel model and model Edition, with finished in yellow or pink gold sales would reach 40,000 units.