Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apple Watch vs Apple Watch Sport Detailed comparison (Video)

Apple watch is the name chosen by Apple for Apple Watch stainless steel, while Apple Watch Sport is the name chosen for the model with an aluminum housing.

 Names may cause some confusion among users, but to one another see a detailed comparison between the two types of Apple products.

The price difference between the models of stainless steel and aluminum is 200 dollars or 250 euros, so we're talking about a significant sum to be paid in addition to the product. In this idea, probably wondering what you get for this premium and certainly you have previously eama that it is not a change in design or internal components.

Despite this, there are differences in terms of external components, namely stainless steel case and front panel that protects the screen and is made of sapphire. Besides these differences, Apple Watch comes in a square box more interesting and aluminum charger instead of the plastic, all for a price difference which in Europe is half the price of a Sport model.

In conclusion, you can see in the video above everything you need to know about the differences between Apple and Apple Watch Sports Watch and recommend to watch.