Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple Watch: We See How The Straps May Deteriorate With Use And With Time

Are you concerned about the length of the straps for Apple Watch? 9to5Mac has posted images of demonstrations that show us how the straps of the apple may deteriorate with use and over time.

These images, according to the source says, come from internal documents supporting Apple. The California company wants to specify with these images so that any damage to the straps as discoloration, bends or scratches are simply natural and normal and of course it's easy to think that it may deem appropriate to replace a strap if it is in such conditions. 9to5Mac shows us how the straps Apple may discolour (as in the case of the Sport version or leather), maintain folds particular due to the extent of closing of the strap and scratched (such as those made of steel).

These are normal conditions of wear, and then show us how the straps might become Apple Watch with use, the sweat and the time.

The following images: