Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Application Lets You Unlock Your Mac With Apple Watch

A few days ago, the Knock application, launched last year, won an update that allows users to unlock your Mac with Apple Watch. The application works in a very simple way and is paired with your computer to make you have more security at the time using the Mac.

You do not need to enter any password on your iPhone or Apple Watch. The only job you have is to open the application on your device and tap the screen to unlock it the Mac. Using the Bluetooth connectivity of low power consumption, the application is used by thousands of users the ease and convenience when it comes to use the computer.

The update, however, brings a little more safety for the application and in place of the classic double-tap the screen to unlock your Mac, it also allows users to enter a password on the phone for it to be unlocked.

Besides the new option to enter a password in the application for the Mac is unlocked for use, the company behind the application also ensures the use of the iPhone Touch ID so you do the process. The appeal, of course, comes down, simply by the user to the record of their biometrics to make it work.

Knock is available in the App Store $ 4.99.