Monday, April 20, 2015

Association Of American Broadcasters Want Apple Enable FM Radio Function On The iPhone

The National Association of Broadcasters filed a somewhat unusual for Apple, asking the company activates what is already existing FM radio receiver on devices since 2009, arguing that this action may bring a number of advantages for users smartphone the company and also on the content of radio stations via streaming.

Users could avoid data charges that are expensive and can save the life of your batteries by listening to FM chip, which is complimentary. Listen radio streaming drains your battery three to five times faster than hearing the exact same content for FM chip, which is also a critical resource in an emergency.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, iPhones have such a chip to the FM radio since 2009, and Apple chose not to activate them during that period. However, doing so now may be a little late, since Norway has said it will be the first country to turn off the FM transmissions, and make the change in 2017. The country reports that listeners have changed their habits and prefer streaming online.

It is likely that many users are not likely to use the FM radio on the iPhone, since most of the streaming applications are used by users of the platform. In countries like the United States, for example, Apple has iTunes Radio, which eliminates the use of radios.

However, considering the internet spending and battery saving, it is worth considering the association's arguments.