Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Audio Books The App Has Been Updated With Support For CarPlay

Applying Audio Books has recently been updated with support for CarPlay, but not only. Let's see all the news.

The Audio Book application lets you listen to audiobooks through a vast library, allowing us to continue the "reading" on the go, commissions or physical activity. It is a free application that gives the user access to a library of audio books with over 60,000 titles of all kinds to suit all tastes, as well as over 2.5000 audiobooks totally free.

The application has been recently updated with some important new features, including support for CarPlay, useful for listening to audiobooks easily thanks to the infotainment system in this car. and also was completely renovated interface, now more minimal and intuitive, and also improved navigation to simplify the user experience.

The audio player has been updated to present buttons and functions without submenu and the Settings page has been reorganized to show the most important options at a glance.

Audio Books for iOS is available here and can be downloaded for free.