Saturday, April 25, 2015

Changing The Display Of iPhone 5c In Under 10 Minutes

Rupture of screens in the new mobile is the order of the day and, sure ever happened to us or seen as happened to a friend. Well this time we want to show how to change the screen in one of Apple devices, particularly where it is easier on the iPhone 5c.

Usually the smaller pieces are more complicated, not only to disassemble but when you try to put them back in their place. Luckily there are some online iPhone parts store that serves you the complete front of the iPhone 5c, and that's a real advantage.

Tools Needed

Here you have a list of tools and parts that you require, there's nothing like getting down to work and then, we can not dismantle something.

  • Full screen iPhone 5c, if you can make it with the full range of small to keep long pieces.
  • Windy.
  • Screwdriver 5 point safety.
  • Phillips screwdriver standard # 000.
  • Razor blade (not essential but recommended).
  • Nylon spudger tool.

When you have everything ready and prepared on the table, is when you should get down to work, if you do not want your iPhone 5c remaining half.

Screen Repair

We will detail each step of the work you must make on your iPhone, do not skip any and enjoy a quick fix in less than 10 minutes.

1.-Turns your iPhone
The first premise is simple, turn your iPhone. It may be something very obvious, but you must not forget. Do not do any work with mobile power to avoid occasional error in other parts. We have not come to fix the screen so that the speaker is broken, right? I think you do not need to count how off.

2.- Remove the lower screws

On each side of the Dock connector, where you charging your iPhone, there are two screws holding the screen to the frame. It uses the screwdriver up 5 points we have mentioned above. Never mind that the mix once removed because they are exactly the same size.

3.-Remove the broken screen

Fixed a suction cup on the screen to pry out. Remember to place the cup a little below the center of the screen, or rather above the Home button. Now gently pull the suction cup to release the bottom of the screen over the phone, for it holds your iPhone securely. (If the screen is so broken that the cup does not function, you should use a razor blade to try to score a hole from which to pry).

After this step, the connection between the screen and the plate of the phone will be revealed. Remove the 4 screws holding the shield of the cables (look at the images below to go wrong no screws). It uses the Phillips screwdriver. Remember that these screws are of this shield and can not mix with others. Remove the cables you've uncovered with nylon spudger carefully. After this step the screen had to be free of the phone body.

4.- Connect the new screen

Connect the three wires of the new screen through which we will replace the broken. Place the shield had retired before with four screws. Accept the screen from the top until you see that is in place. If you are not properly aligned will not fall, it will not scroll down, which reminds you should never force.

5. Place the end-screws

Now you have left very little, only you must place the first two screws that hold the screen to the frame of the phone. Do not forget this step or else the screen is loose.

6.- Try the new screen

When you have already installed your iPhone completely, you should perform some tests to verify that the display is working properly.

  • Make a test call, connecting and disconnecting headphones to check you hear properly.
  • Write a message over the keyboard of your iPhone to verify that there has been no dead spots on the screen.
  • Make a call and place your finger on the upper sensor to verify that the display goes dark. This test is very important because it will allow you to approach the phone to your ear without pressing any button on the screen.
  • Try the front camera.
  • Click on the start button once and twice to verify that it works properly.

Thanks to IMore The guys have shown us how to change the screen of an iPhone 5c in less than 10 minutes. Would you dare to do you? It seems very easy to make the screen change in this model of Apple and as we saw Apple replaces these screens in the day directly from the Apple Store.