Friday, April 17, 2015

Chrome For iOS Wins Extension of 1Password

Launched in yesterday (16), the latest update on Chrome (Google's browser) for iOS adds some advantages for users of the platform. In addition to compatibility with the application resources such as 1Password and LastPass, the application brings, finally, the option to add widgets to the system Notification Center.

The addition of support for the Notification Center widgets on the "Today" brings quick access to voice search and opening new tabs more easily. In addition, the company added the ability to update pages just pulling them down - it serves also to open / close tabs.

The extent to rescue application passwords as 1Password and LastPass is also another great novelty added to Chrome for iOS. With this, logins on specific sites become much easier if the passwords are already saved in the type apps, which turns out to be very attractive for those who already use the same feature in Safari.

You can also open more easily copied links in other applications, as the company says.

Chrome is available free on the App Store. It weighs only 71.1MB (for download) and requires iOS 7.0 or later to run. As with other applications Google .