Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Concept Reinvents iOS 9 Lock Screen On The iPhone (Video)

I've seen far more concepts for future operating system that Apple will launch this fall, iOS 9 version will be presented in just a few weeks, the conference WWDC on June 8.

 Some of these were quite ambitious, their authors having too high expectations from the Cupertino company, most of the features described not liking Apple. Well, this concept that we present below you not come to change the design and functions of the current iOS 8, but rather to add a new option for quick access directly to the lock screen.

The works of concept "Quick Access" option imagined gives us an improved system management notifications when we receive our screen devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is locked. It will be divided into three sections - Notifications, missed calls and reminders, each with its own page, allowing users to focus and prioritezeze what they think is important.

These alerts and notifications as new functions will be interactive course on iOS and 8, and adding the possibility to check all reminders straight from the lock screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a success. This concept reminds us of dozens of widgets on Android, but thought much simpler. As we see in the video below, reminders can be set in the Quick Access section, allowing filtering unimportant tasks.

Regarding true iOS 9, which is now developing by Apple, the first release beta will take place on 8 June at the annual conference WWDC, it seems, according to the latest rumors, the will focus only on improving performance, optimization and stability rather rather than to all the introduction of new functions.

But if this concept will become reality, will certainly be appreciated by users iDevice's.