Sunday, April 19, 2015

CyNotifier Helps You Quickly Update Your Installed Packages In Cydia

CyNotifier is a new Cydia tweak the available later this week for our terminals, he giving us the opportunity to learn quickly when a package installed in terminal requires updating or creating tweak developer with support for sending push notifications when that there is an update available.

CyNotifier is thought to be regular checks in Cydia to find out if there are updates for installed packages in iDevice our sites, so from time to time our application Cydia repo sites will be checked by tweak, and when discovery we will see an update notification for it.

  • Checks for Cydia updates in background and notifies the user
  • Configurable update time (from 1 hour up to a day)
  • Option to exclude packages or repos from the update check
  • Option to manually update using the settings or by using a:
  • Flipswitch. Automatically update when your device joins a WiFi network, when it’s unlocked or however you want using Activator.
According to the description given by the developer, CyNotifier allows us to choose the periods of time that are made available in Cydia checks for updates, so you can control its functionality and it will not affect battery life or performance by constant checks.

Regarding the update, we have options to exclude certain repo's or packages to check and if you are willing to have quick latest updates for your packages, tweak will allow you to set the update is done automatically when we connect to a Wi-Fi or anytime unlock terminals.

CyNotifier is available for download in Cydia repo of the ModMyi.