Monday, April 6, 2015

Fastcall , Contacts Screen Widgets!

Fastcall on iPhone is quick and easy way to manage your favorite contacts, using a simple swipe.

Fastcall is an app for iOS 8 that will use the new features of the operating system, provides users the ability to make calls, send messages and emails to your favorite numbers with a photos.

How does this work? Through a simple configuration interface, fastcall allows you to set your favorite contacts that will be available through a widget designed specifically for iOS 8. Just a gesture to have their important contacts at your tap, allowing us to make a call, send a message or email without complicated and lengthy operations.

Fastcall can be configured with any type of contact in your address book. Simply select the desired contact from within the app and fastcall will automatically add it to the list of favorites and on the widget. The phonebook native is automatic, without the risk of having duplicates. To enable the widget iOS 8, you can just slide your finger down while you are on the home screen. Scroll down the list of the widget and press the Edit button. Choose to add the widget fastcall and press Save.
Fastcall provides the opportunity to improve the speed of call, send SMS and email to those contacts that we use multiple times in one day.

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