Sunday, April 26, 2015

Google Apologizes For Image Where Android Robot Urine In The Apple Logo

In last Friday (24/4) found a picture of a giant robot Android pissing on Apple logo, the image was on Google Maps. Apparently seemed a joke of the Internet giant itself, but is something that could certainly cause many problems to the company; believed had been an employee, or even user who uses the system maps modification.

Google would not be so rude to do something with a competitor, even against one of the largest companies in the market. And it really was not her. In a statement to The Washington Post, Google apologized for Android image urinating on the Apple logo, something that probably insulted thousands of people.

We apologize for the inappropriate content that was created by a user: we are working to remove as soon as possible. We learn from these problems, and we are constantly improving how to detect, prevent and care for these wicked issues "said the spokesman of the company, Mara Harris.

Now the image that insulted Apple and its fans was removed, it was located in a region of Pakistan and added to Google Maps for any user-Map Maker, a tool that allows users to add content to the service.

Apparently the company has found the Map Maker account responsible for the problem. Unfortunately this was just one of many cases that the company has to deal, these "trolls" take advantage of Google's weaknesses to make inappropriate jokes.