Monday, April 20, 2015

Google updates Android Wear: Watches Competitors Now Can Do Many More Things

Just a few days before the April 24, the date on which will be marketed the Apple Watch, Google announced a nuvoo update for its Android platform Wear, used on smartphones of all competitors. Are included new features that we look at below.

The update makes the operating system more stable and usable even without a smartphone connected.

The first news of the update in fact, adds support to WiFi. In this way, the clock can connect directly to a WiFi network and receive notifications, send messages or use the applications.

Although smartwatch can not be used independently from a smartphone, Google is making the first steps in this direction. Until today, the clocks could which could serve the GPS and play music even without phone connected. This allowed users to leave your smartphone at home and go for a run with only the clock.

With today's update, Google allows users to draw on the screen and to recognize patterns, turning them into emoji. This way you can communicate by sending all via text messages or (a well-known feature of Apple Watch).

Some watch models with Android Wear support Mode Always on the screen to display the clock. For all these models, Google has decided to expand this opportunity to applications. For example in Maps and ToDo List you can also view the information on the display in savings in energy, which will turn the screen black and white and keep active even after switching off automatic brightness.

Google has also introduced a new gesture that allows you to simply move your wrist up or down to scroll the display of notifications. In additions, access to contacts has been simplified and now requires a single touch from the main screen of the Watch Face. Touching the screen will have the opportunity to start an application or to send a message immediately.

The upgrade will involve all 7 watches Android Wear in the coming weeks, namely LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360, LG G Watch, ZenWatch Asus, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3, and LG G Watch R