Thursday, April 2, 2015

Google Wants To Bring Android Applications On Mac And Windows!

Last September, Google launched ARC, an acronym that stands for "App Runtime for Chrome." It is a project that allows Android applications to run within Chrome OS.

A few days later, a hack revealed the true potential of this project. Through an amendment to it, ARC can operate in any desktop version of Chrome, which also means on Mac, Windows and Linux.

ARC is still in beta and Google allows the use of this runtime only to a small group of developers working closely with the company.

The potential of this project are really huge. Apparently Google is also offering the opportunity to create App Packager, or files that once clicked install an application icon on your computer and make it executable directly, always through the browser.

In a very near future, all apps available for Android may also be compatible with Windows and Mac. This would bring a level of huge spread and also facilitate the Android operating system than iOS. Developers in fact, may prefer the development of app for Android since the latter would be compatible for Mac and Windows without any effort, leaving in the background the iPhone.