Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Graphics performance: Challenge Between iPhone 6 And Galaxy S6

Begin to appear more and more tests that compare the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6,6 Plus. Now it became a new test that compares the graphics performance of these two devices, linked also to other devices such as Notes 4 and the iPhone 5S. We will see more details.

Unfortunately for Samsung, there is good news regarding the result that tests graphics performance. Mount 8 cores and 3GB of RAM on a smartphone can not always mean you have created a device perfect in all respects. In fact, in the field of graphic appeared that the Galaxy S6 have worse performance than rivals iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus. The graphics performance of Galaxy S6 have been tested and compared with other devices including also notes 4 and iPhone 5S. Result?

Before we start explaining the type of test performed. they used a software that measures graphics performance of the device iOS and Android, GFXBench. With this software you can test devices with some graphics tests. The Galaxy S6 improves its performance over the previous design of the Galaxy S5, but is still lagging behind the competition. Indeed, from a point of view graph, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 are not so performing, so as to be even lower than the iPhone 5S, who are no longer young.

But break a lance in favor of Samsung because the qHD display of the new Galaxy are the most greedy of graphics resources because they have a higher resolution and then the device has less power to the rest of the operations, including those put to the test for the test to which they were subjected.

Obviously we are talking only of graphics performance and not the overall performance of the device. Expect More extensive tests to better understand the performance of new generic Galaxy.