Monday, April 6, 2015

Here Pour-Over The Coffee That Is Controlled From The iPhone

How many times have you say or heard the phrase: "This iPhone does everything, except the coffee"? Well now we must think again, why does that too!

POPPY company that has developed three products for the smart home connected to the Internet and remotely controllable via an iPhone.

The first product is called Pour-Over and it is just a coffee maker. Through the application for iOS we can operate it at a specific time or from the comfort of our bed, we can also obtain information on the status of the coffee, water and whatever else.

The second product is called Formula and is meant for all parents with a very young child. Manages to heat the milk at the right temperature, to keep warm and to control everything from the phone. It 'also able to work automatically after a certain number of hours.

there's Pet, another product designed for pets. Allows to supply a bowl of food at regular times and fixed in such a way to control the amount and manner of food intake by our dog.

All three devices are also able to order new supplies from Amazon when it is about to end.