Monday, April 6, 2015

Here's An Accessory That Could Turn The iPhone 6 In a Game-Boy

Would be called Smart Boy, and if you were very nostalgic, you may be able to go back in the '90s turning your iPhone 6 in a Game-Boy.

Powered by Hyperkin, this accessory could be really interesting and curious. It would transform an iPhone 6 in a Game-Boy so in case you're nostalgic for the past and the good old days you might have a new Game-Boy / iPhone.

Smart Boy this is still at the stage of "concept and design" but the project is clear: he wants to turn the iPhone 6 into a Game Boy , from what you can see from the screen shoots, seems well integrated inside the iPhone and provide you with the classic buttons of the handheld console that has made history.

But the best isn't come yet . In fact, to answer the question "and how to play?" We say that if you put in the front of the iPhone, in the rear inserting cartridges game Game-Boy, a little 'as you once did. The accessory may also integrate its own battery (probably by the period of about 5 hours).

At the moment, the plan is to release Hyperkin Smart Boy in gray version and then get to the colored versions, as well as begin to support more types of iPhone.

However there is a doubts about the project: the first is an app for Apple's approval complementary to operate the Smart Boy and the other is that Nintendo may not be satisfied with this project, especially after announcing the partnership by Dena for creating iOS games.

Finally, it remains to be seen whether the accessory can be successful on the market.