Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here's What Processor And Graphics Card Has Apple Watch

iOS 8.2 or OS 1.0 Watch for Apple Watch was launched earlier this evening by Apple, and inside or applications developer for iOS platform found references on the hardware that Apple has implemented in Alarm, being presented in various rumors appeared on the Internet in the past and now confirmed thanks to the operating system.

The developer has discovered OS 1.0 Watch a PowerVR SGX543 graphics card driver, the use in A5 chip implemented by Apple in iPhone 4S and iPad 2, so rumors indicating that the chip will find S1 Apple Watch a processor and a graphics card similar to the smartphone launched in 2011 come true now.

Nobody knows if Apple uses the same dual-core processor clocked at 800 MHz, or it has a much lower speed and a core disabled for low power consumption, but considering that most applications run on clock processing is done in iPhone CEs, it would be unlikely that the processor itself has much lower power than that used in the iPhone 4S.

Apart from information about the processor, the developer says the main page of applications Apple Watch is displayed through a system called Springboard Carousel and not, as is the case of iPhone or iPad tablet terminals, and this is perfectly normal since Apple completely different thought this menu interface dedicated its new SmartWatch.

Many of those who tested the product Apple have complained about Apple Watch performances, so whatever information concerning its internal components, user experience outweighs any American company clients, and if it will not be better than where competing products, then those of Cupertino will have a very big problem in front.