Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To Enable Flash Alerts When You Receive Calls And Notifications On The iPhone - Tutorial

Most Android devices has an LED that lights up in different colors when there is a missed call or unread notification.

Well, many iPhone users want the same thing on their terminal, but Apple has not implemented this because there are lock screen notifications, considering that there is a need for an LED to announce the same. The idea to help the hearing-impaired users, Apple introduced iOS an option whereby they can activate notifications via flash when you receive a call or message or notification.

However, this type of alert not necessarily be used by those who have such shortcomings, anyone can receive alerts through their terminal flash your iPhone when you call or receive a message or notification, and the device is activated silent mode or user are in a noisy place.

Obviously, this option is available only for those who have iPhone flash terminals and here we speak of models launched iPhone 4 and later.

How to enable Flash on iPhone alert

1. Open the Settings application on the home screen;

2. Go to the General tab;

3. Go to the Accessibility menu;

4. Scroll to the LED flash option for alerts;

5. Switch button on its right to turn green;

6. From now on, every time you call or you receive a message or notification on the iPhone, the flash is activated repeatedly to tell you about these things.