Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Order Prints Of Images In The Photo App Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

New Photos app for the Mac, which came instead of iPhoto and Aperture, copes with the organization of library and editing images. In addition, the program has a feature "prints" that allows you to order prints of images directly from the program window.

Most users prefer to store pictures in digital form on a computer, but there are some things that just need to print or order the album at all.

Photography program for Mac allows you to purchase physical photographs printed with your images. All you have left to do - then select photos, size and order them. While printing and imaging by mail take from a few days to a week.

The price tag on the print enough humane - photo 4 x 6 cm will cost $ 0.12. True for delivery by mail will have to pay separately. If you are interested in this service, be sure to refer to the instruction manual.

How to order prints of images in the photo app Mac OS X 10.10.3

1. To order prints to start, you must import all interesting images in the Library program Photo.

2. Next, select File → Order prints.

3. Choose the image and click in the upper right corner of the "Add" button.

4. In the dialog box, select the country.

5. Choose the format and size of images. Price for a photo listed next to each proposal.

Warning! Some photos automatically will shorten according to the size for printing.