Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Troubleshoot iPhone Is Disabled Issue

iPhone and iPad users using passcodes on their device. The passcode safeguards your device from unauthorized accesss. Passcode protection can become a cause of movement if you forget to remember it.

If you have forgotton your passcode and you try to unlock your iPhone or iPad with six number of times consecutively, your iPhone or iPad device will be disabled for a minute. With every wrong attempt, your iPhone will be disabled.

here is how you can fix “iPhone is disabled” 
Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC.Step 2. Launch iTunes.Step 3. Select your device from the top left corner..Step 4. Click on Back Up Now to backup your device. Make sure you have successfully backed up your device.

Step 5. Next up, put your iPhone in DFU mode.Step 6.  iTunes would ask you to restore your device. When you click on Restore, it would erase all the data of your device including the passcode.Step 7. Now , Quit iTunes, disconnect your device and connect it with computer again and then launch iTunes. Select your device from top right corner and click on Restore Backup in the Summary tab. You should see the time and date of the latest backup, click on Restore to confirm.

Once the process is done, you would be able to use your device without passcode.