Saturday, April 11, 2015

HTC One M9 + Will Not Be Sold In North America And Europe

After the recent presentation of HTC One M9 + has been much talk of a possible marketing outside of the Asian market, but an official HTC denies everything.

The newcomer home HTC, One M9 +, has done much talked about in recent days, in particular for its new features such as a fingerprint reader, the panel qHD resolution and the new processor Mediatek MT6795T.

Among the information obtained earlier announcement, there was one that suggested that the device would be an exclusive for Asia. It has been much discussion about a possible marketing in other markets, but now came the official statements by HTC: the terminal will not be available in the European and North American continent.

The motivation behind this choice is that, according to HTC, in these markets is already present the "basic" version, One M9, which still guarantees excellent performance and that therefore there is a need for a model performance further.

Certainly the strategy of HTC can impress, particularly in light of the fact that, in Asia, will also sell versions One E9 and One E9 +, with characteristics very similar to One M9 +, hence the reason why One M9 + will not be available in Europe and North America loses much of legitimacy.