Monday, April 13, 2015

iOS 8.4 Beta Available What's New !

Apple released the beta of iOS 8.4, which includes an all-new version of the app Music. We find out all the news.

The beta of iOS 8.4 includes a preview of the brand new Music app. Here's how Apple describes these changes:

The new Music app includes powerful features and a stylish new look. Listening to music is easier than ever.

New design :- The Music application has a completely new design that allows you to explore your music collection in a more easy and fun. You can customize your playlist by adding images and description. You can also enjoy breathtaking images of your favorite artists in the Artists view. Begin to play an album directly from the list dedicated.

Recently added :- Albums and playlists you've added recently are on top of your library, so as to make it easier to find new songs to play. Just tap the album cover to start playing.

New iTunes Radio :- Discover music with iTunes Radio is easier than ever. Now you can quickly return to your favorite stations Listen recently. Choose from a selection of radio stations maintained by our staff, or begin a new one starting from your artist or your favorite song.

New Mini Player :- With the new MiniPlayer, you can read what you're listening to, and control playback while you can navigate your music collection. To open "Running", simply tap the MiniPlayer.

"Running" improved :- "Running" has a fabulous all-new design, that showcases your album perfectly. Also, you can start streaming wirelessly using AirPlay, without having to leave the screen "Running".

Up Next :- Now it's easy to find out what songs library will follow the track being played. Just tap the icon in the Now Playing Up Next. you can also rearrange, add or skip tracks at any time.

Global Search :- Now you can search from any screen of the app Music, just by tapping the magnifying glass. The search results are organized to help you quickly find the desired track. you can also launch iTunes Radio directly from the search.