Wednesday, April 15, 2015

iOS 9: What Would It Like ?

At the WWDC on 8 June  will definitely presented iOS 9, but what will be the news in the pipeline? Difficult if not impossible to say, given that in recent months has not leaked anything, but together with you we can make a game and figure out what really could serve to improve the operating system of our iPhone.

Unlike iOS 7 and iOS 8 of iOS, iOS 9 should not be a significant upgrade, as it probably will focus on the stabilization and optimization of the operating system. In short, the news should not be many, except for integrating the system to stream music that Apple should always present in June. Obviously, this assumption could prove untrue, with Apple set to launch some unexpected function.

There are, however, some features that we would like to see ...

  • Preview of the app
Net of Lite versions, less present, users do not have the chance to try the app before you buy. While on the App Store there are more and more apps and games freemium, we must not forget that there are lots of utilities that cost more than 99 cents of the canons. It would be interesting to be able to download the "demo", before buying the final version. Apple could allow developers to offer applications in time or content limits. In this way, consumers would have the chance to try the app in its main function.

  • Combine the Apple ID
Some Apple ID were created 15 years ago, such as those for services .Mac or iTools. This led to the creation of several accounts related to Apple. It would be useful to combine them with those used currently for iTunes and App Store.

  • iCloud App
iCloud Drive is an important function of iOS and OS X, but unfortunately there is no way to access all the files stored on the service, outside of the individual applications that allow you to use the files. With iCloud Drive app, users may have immediate access to all the files that have stored on iCloud, just like with Dropbox.

  • App uninstall
With iOS 9, Apple should make it easier to find the applications updated recently and that are no longer installed on your device. The user could then use this list to find out if the app used in the past can come back with useful new features. You might also want to be notified of availability update installed apps in the past.

  • Multi-User account
IOS 9 (and especially on iPad) could be useful to allow a family to use the same device, but with different accounts.