Thursday, April 30, 2015

iPad Apple Pro Appear In The First Draft

iPad is the first tablet iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen and the picture above you have a sketch taken from a partner of the American company, which is used to mass production of the tablet. Drawing was taken in December last year and it seems like from what we see above there was little change in the product to be launched this autumn.

Sketch, iPad Pro is 306 mm long, 222 mm wide and 7.2mm thick, this tablet is the largest ever produced by Apple, the difference is considerable compared to current models. In the picture we see that Apple has thought implement two ports for connecting cables, and according to rumors emerged last year as one USB-C and would allow connecting various peripherals.

The other port as Lightning and cut by Apple would allow companies and educational institutions, the tablet is promoted by the opportunity to view and download various types of content from almost any storage media. Based on this sketches were made and various enclosures for iPad Pro, some of which are sold in China, but it remains to be seen how big or small will be changes in the final product.

Pro iPad would be launched on the market with a chip A8X or A9 to have good performance as possible, given that this 12.9 inch screen could offer a higher resolution than 2048 x 1536 pixels Retina current models. That said, the iPad Pro should arrive in stores in November, along with an update to the current iPad line of tablets and should help increase sales.