Wednesday, April 22, 2015

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC ONE M9 - Which is Better For Gaming?

iPhone 6, HTC and Samsung Galaxy S6 ONE M9 were compared in various videos to show us which of them quickly open applications, however, a benchmark for graphics cards we revealed that Apple smartphone is strong, and recently made a new detailed test undoubtedly confirm this for us.

Test today differ from those we have seen in various other occasions in that he shows no scorers cold rolled applications to measure processing power terminals, but we show that it is framerate in games, ie the number of fPS that each device can display this type of testing is generally used for computers.

Apart from the above mentioned we have three terminals Google Nexus 6 for a comparison as possible good and the average score for the three smartphones in all tests put iPhone 6 in first place with 42 FPS, Samsung Galaxy S6 second place 36 FPS, HTC ONE M9 third place with 34 FPS, this position is shared with Google Nexus 6, which has exactly the same result.

Separately we measured and FPS's stability, ie the percentage of time frames per second were close to the average value mentioned above and in this case the positioning of the four terminals is identical, and the comparison in each part you will understand why this report is important, some venues in games with complex elements on the screen, the number of frames per second dropping significantly.

In this idea, you will notice that the iPhone 6 has emerged victorious in all the tests and had a very good stability of FPSs in all cases, but the framerate ROTAL offers the largest and highest stability compared to its direct competitors that thanks PowerVR graphics chip implemented exclusively in mobile devices of Apple, Android smartphones and tabltele not having access to them.

In case you did not know already, the number of frames per second that is run in game result and experience that we have, so that a small number of frames per second will cause a run "jerky" "lag" of a game, while a large number of frames per second will result in a game experience as possible fluid iPhone 6 is best to provide it.

iPhone 6 is the best smartphone games, being followed at a distance not too large S6 Samsung Galaxy, HTC Google Nexus ONE M9 and 6.