Sunday, April 26, 2015

iPhone 6C - That Decision Took Apple

In a note to investors, Chi Kuo, one of the most respected analysts when it comes to future Apple products, he argued that the Cupertino giant is expected to launch this year a new iPhone with 4-inch screen. Instead of launching a new model of iPhone with 4-inch screen, the analyst believes that Apple will continue to sell the current iPhone 5S terminal, but at a lower price, giving in return by the end of the iPhone 5C.

If the information you published Kuo prove to be true, it means that Apple will offer iPhone 5S free terminal for those who choose to enter into a subscription agreement to mobile operators partners, receiving the same treatment given to iPhone 5c ago . Regarding the latter, it seems that the phone colorful plastic case launched by Apple in 2013, alongside the iPhone 5S will be taken out of production later this year, probably in the autumn, when Apple is expected to announce the new generation of the iPhone is 4.7 inch screen and 5.5 inch iPhone screen.

Looking ahead, Kuo believes that Apple will launch a new iPhone with 4-inch screen until 2016 and will have the payment system of the company, Apple Pay. Terminals iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C currently do not have the opportunity to make payments because none of these devices does not support NFC chip.

Rumors suggest that Apple lately actually preparing a new terminal iPhone with 4-inch screen, most likely called iPhone 6c. Accordingly, the terminal will maintain the same configuration that now has terminal iPhone 5S, but in a plastic housing in various colors. Since the season following terminals rumored iPhone and not only just started, expect to read from now dozens, perhaps hundreds of such speculation, information or see various images that appear on the Internet dropped assumed future these products or accessories that Apple will launch later this year.