Friday, April 24, 2015

Microsoft Offers Cash Rewards To Anyone Who Can Hack The Spartan

It is nothing new that Microsoft is betting a lot on your browser to Spartan recover part of their prestige among the users. Internet Explorer, which has been criticized, especially by security flaws for years, will give its place to the new browser as the primary means of using the Internet in Windows 10. To do so, the company wants to ensure that the Spartan will be safe enough to be widely adopted, and thus outperform the competition.

Now, participants Insiders program that can already give a little of the browser test version that brings a new rendering engine, may also participate in a "bug hunting" promoted visor Redmond company. Microsoft will offer a cash prize to those who can hack the Spartan and exploit vulnerabilities. Of course, the company expects that the duty of hackers find ways to find bugs and report support. That way, you can fix problems before the official release.

The program extends from 22 April to 22 June, and offers several payments to different challenges, separated by categories of vulnerabilities. The company also warns that if someone really set off other aspects of browser, higher payments are possible, based on the quality and complexity of the action performed.