Sunday, April 26, 2015

Microsoft Updates Skype On iPhone With Support For Apple Watch

There are about two weeks Apple released the pre-sale of Apple Watch, so consumers could make device reservation, instead of standing in line for hours as normally occurs in the launch of new products from the company. Now buyers are already receiving some versions of smart watch, and so using its features and applications.

Recently Microsoft PowerPoint and added OneDrive support to Apple Watch, applications that are also available on the iPhone. Now another novelty arrived to users of smart watch, Bill Gates' company has released update of Skype for smartphone company, which brings support to the wearable device.

With the new iPhone users and Apple Watch may respond by text messages or voice. In addition, you can send emojis to contacts; with the update Microsoft also fixed some small problems that plague users.

For some time that Bill Gates company is updating applications with support for other operating systems, and it would be no different with Apple products. Of course, besides trying to win over users with Windows Phone, the company also needs to be linked to the application market for other systems.

As is already happening, probably Microsoft will add support for Apple Watch in all its applications. It is interesting to mention that the company has not updated their apps with support for Android Wear, however, makes little sense. The Apple Smart Watch passed Google's system in many ways and much faster, and therefore economically it is much better to invest in Apple.