Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Than 1,000 Applications For Apple Watch Already Available After 4 Days

Tim Cook sent an e-mail to employees of the Apple Store, in addition to reading the possibility to have a 50% discount on Sports and Classic models, are also present information related to applications.

On March 31, the company invited developers to submit applications built for Apple Watch, in 4 days 1,000 applications have already been sent to Apple.

Every day, until 24 April, around 20 different developers will visit the laboratory where Apple will test and refine other applications WatchKit.

The Keynote presentation clock has been seen by tens of millions of people and most innovative developers are already making a special version of your application.

  Thousand applications in 4 days is definitely a good average users that will allow us to find a store full of all the major app as early as April 24.