Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recharge your Apple Watch With Wipowerband

As revealed by a recent test, one of the main weaknesses plaguing Apple Watch is the battery. 18 hours of battery life for use medium-high. But what to do when we can not connect it to a source to recharge the battery?

As for all the other mobile devices, also for Apple Watch may be useful to have if an external battery from which to draw energy in case of need. But it should be a convenient accessory, minimally invasive and especially compatible with the new Apple smart watch. Here, then, get wipowerband, power and protection for your Apple Watch.

wipowerband is a new project that will soon be launched on the market. Currently it is already pre-order on the website of the authors at a price ranging from 89.00 to $ 99.00, depending on the model you choose Apple Watch.

wipowerband is a special strap to be worn on the wrist and on which it should be placed the Apple Watch. This accessory promises to double the autonomy of the Apple device, as well as preserve the aesthetics from bumps and scratches involuntary. According to the statement, wipowerband no effect on the functionality of the Apple Watch, allowing normal use even when worn.