Monday, April 20, 2015

Record phone calls on the iPhone is now possible with AudioRecorder 2

Arrives for iOS 8 the first tweak that allows you to record phone calls on the iPhone. AudioRecorder 2 allows you to record a phone completely both the audio output of the interlocutor that the audio
input from the microphone.

After installing AudioRecorder, you'll have to activate the tweak the settings. After activating the tweak you can just make or receive a call and activate, via a double tap on the status bar, the floating button that allows you to record your calls.

 To listen to the call you just open the app audiorecord, the application can also share or delete all voice recordings.

In AudioRecorder Settings you can :

  • Enabled: enable / disable the tweak;
  • Play Audio Messagge Warning: play an audio message that warns the recording;
  • Play a beep: of playing a sound before recording;
  • Activation Methods: choose how to activate the tweak;
  • Audio System: also record all the sounds of the system, like the sound of a notification;
  • Telephony (Telephone), FaceTime, (Facebook) Messenger Calls: choose whether to record all calls with the option (Automatically Record All Calls) or choose contacts to automatically record their calls.

The app AudioRecorder find some settings synchro with Dropbox, Google Drive or a local server.

AudioRecorder 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 8 and later, we remind you that record telephone calls without permission is illegal.