Saturday, April 25, 2015

Setting up and connecting a Apple Watch with iPhone - Tutorial

Apple Watch begins to reach users who have a chance to order a unit since April 10, when Apple started the session pre-orders in the first wave of countries, and this article will show you how to set up and connect the clock to iPhone terminal that you have to take advantage of all the great features that we provide.

1. First, you must turn on the device Apple Watch, and you can do this by pressing for two to three seconds the button to the right of it until the Apple logo makes its appearance on the screen. When the operating system is loaded, the first thing you configure the language in which you want to display the device menu.

2. Further, the clock display will be informed to open the Apple iPhone Watch on your terminal. Apple Watch application is installed when you update to iOS 8.2. To connect an Apple iPhone Watch the latter is necessary for running at least iOS 8.2. Now press the button "Start Pairing" on Apple Watch.

3. After pressing the Start button Pairing, a clock display to show an animation.

4. Now open the app on Apple iPhone Watch and press the Start Pairing of My Watch tab.

5. Now you have two ways you can configure the device on Apple Watch: automatically via terminal iPhone camera or manually. If you choose the first method, you have to keep pointing the iPhone's camera into the clock and can be employed as well yellow frame with clock, and then the connection is created automatically.

6. If you choose the second method, the manual will have to click on the symbol "i" from the Apple Watch. Now a name to appear on its screen clock. On the iPhone, the Apple app Apple Watch Pair Watch press Manually, and then enter those numbers on the clock display.

7. Now, regardless of the method used, your device is connected to the Apple iPhone Watch.

8. The device setup then goes on terminal Apple Watch iPhone where you have to press the Set Up Apple Watch.

9. Now you need to decide on what hand you wear the watch. Click on the appropriate button and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking Agree Apple bottom right corner.

10. Now you need to log in with your username and password to Apple.

11. You will be informed on the Apple Watch device uses your location and the benefits of this. Unfortunately, you have no way to turn off location. Click the Ok button.

12. You will be informed that the virtual assistant Siri is used on Apple Watch and you can use it to make calls and send text messages. Again, you will not be able to disable the use of assistant Siri. Click OK to continue.

13. The next step is to choose whether you want to send diagnostic information to Apple regarding the use and improving the clock.

14. Now you can set a security code for Apple Watch. It will be necessary when removing it from his hand and put it back. This option is beneficial if it is lost or stolen clock and wrongfully appropriated by someone else.

15. Even so, the option to enter a security code is optional, but recommended. If you decide to add an access code, press the Create a Passcode. The application will guide you to directly enter the desired clock display. Will be introduced twice to confirm.

16. Using security code, you can unlock your iPhone directly. This means that when you unlock your phone will automatically unlock and watch while you wear. If you do not wear the watch, you will need to manually enter on its screen, even if you unlocked when the iPhone. To continue, you must choose Yes or No screen Apple Watch. You can always then return to this option.

17. Now it's time to install applications for Apple Watch, but only for those that are already installed on your iPhone and have a special version for the clock. Obviously, you can always return to this step later.

18. The last step is to synchronize information with iCloud and Apple Watch downloading applications, if you select this option before. From iCloud all your favorite photos, contacts, calendars and data Passbook app will be downloaded. They are also synchronized and email accounts that you have configured the terminal iPhone. This step might take a bit more, depending on how much information must be synchronized.

After all configuration and synchronization process is complete, your device will grumble and Apple Watch this point you can enjoy watch in all its glory.