Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sony Provides Operating Income Of $ 2.5 Billion For 2015

Sony updated its operating profit forecast for the fiscal year 2015, upping the number to 300 billion yen, or about 2.52 billion dollars, a figure four times higher than previous estimates of the company. The information was released by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei and replicated by Reuters.

If the information that the company's operating profit is real, transforming the forecast in reality, the company's profits will be higher than 2008, but so far no official statement from Sony was released.

Expectations for increased sales of smartphones and the PlayStation line were the main reason that made the Sony further increase its forecast, as the paper reports, but without citing any source. By the time this article was published, no Sony spokesperson was available for comment.

Apparently, the restructuring that is underway in the company is finally showing positive results, and Sony may finally get a few years out of the red, crisis caused by a fall in sales of smartphones and TVs.