Thursday, April 16, 2015

Subway Surfers Is Updated , The Story In The Middle East

Developers Subway Surfers began releasing a new update that promises to please users of the famous game that is present in the world's leading operating systems.

The update is available from the morning of Thursday, April 16, for users of Windows Phone, Android and iOS. From now on you will have to command the sympathetic character trying to escape police in Middle Eastern rails, specifically in Saudi.

And with the arrival of the new version of Subway Surfers, game developers, as usual, inserted some new features in the game. Now a beautiful dancer, Amira, can be used in the game. A new skateboard on a magic carpet format is also present in Subway Surfers after the upgrade.

You can also collect magic lamps during the Subway Surfers path to unlock some awards, something common in updates provided by game developers.

And then, the reader, we will travel to the Middle East with the Subway Surfers? Then go down the link for your operating system to the application store to download the game on your device.

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