Saturday, April 11, 2015

Taplet: Free Application To Extract Photos From Videos Taken With iPhone

Among the new releases of recent publication on the App Store, the figure also "Taplet - get photos out of HD videos", excellent free application with which it is possible to extract individual images from videos made with the iPhone.

This is not a novelty or an app unique, but what it promises, it does really well! As for the downloads are required 32.4 MB, at the moment is localized only in English and requires iOS 7.0 or later to work properly on iDevice.

As it comes to free applications and especially if done well, we can not certainly leave them. Today, in fact, we want to tell Taplet - get photos out of HD videos, a new application geared towards all those who, more often, using the iPhone to take pictures and video. It 'just with the videos that the software today is able to give the best of themselves.

In order to proceed with the processing of the video, which can be taken directly from the app or loaded from the media library of our iPhone, you have to allow access to the photo gallery. Now we must to choose the video, find the exact frame you want to export as an image and save it to your device.

Although it's available in English, the graphical interface and functions are very simple to use. Before exporting a screenshot, you can also use the "magic wand" to improve color tone. The photos can be saved in the gallery of the device, loaded on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or sent via email and iMessage.

Taplet, compared to a simple screenshot made directly with the iPhone, by simultaneously pressing the "home" and "power", is able to save the frame at full resolution with which the video was shot. This applies to all compatible devices, including iPhone 6.

As for the "Plus", however, we have extrapolated a picture with the app and compared the resolution with a screenshot taken by the push of two buttons above. The screenshot made by the commands in iOS, it has a slightly higher resolution. That said, we leave to you the decision whether or not to proceed with the download of the app! Personally I recommend it to everyone. It can always be helpful and, above all, can be downloaded and used for free.

Any interested person may proceed with the free download of the app by clicking here: Link App Store - Price FREE!
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