Sunday, April 26, 2015

The iPhone 7 Could Have a Flexible Display And Battery

Apple could include a new technology that would allow both the screen and the iPhone7 battery would bend without breaking. At least I do understand a new patent apple company, which we will give more details below.

A flexible iPhone 7

We return to retake the same subject because of the new Apple patent registered and makes mention of this new technology, perhaps for the iPhone in July.

The new patent includes a display, battery and of course the frame or housing of a terminal that would be completely flexible and allow double the iPhone 7 without having it burst. Remember the controversy with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the case "bendgate" Apple is trying to avoid by all means that a similar case does not happen again.

The new patent is identified as follows:

"A flexible electronic device, which may include more flexible internal components configured to allow the deformed flexible electronic display device is a flexible housing and one or." Apple patent says.

This technology could come incorporated into the new iPhone 7, although it is not the first time that Apple patented a similar technology, specifically in August last year met Apple patents a flexible display that gave a unique functionality. Since you could include extra features to iPhone 7 which would be activated by bending the screen.

OLED screen ? on the iPhone 7?

Much talked smartphone seventh generation apple and why Apple has made no mention of even smartphone, but many new features that could include the iPhone 7 and include among them a screen with OLED technology, perhaps a change that is chasing the range of iPhone from afar.

The iPhone comes with an LCD screen on all models and this could change the OLED technology, which Apple has used for Watch for example. Each technology has its virtues, while the LCD display shows a better view of the white color and has a longer duration, the OLED display has a better display in black and offers a much wider screen refresh.

There is the possibility that the iPhone 7 include this technology in its display, which already use other Android smartphone like the Galaxy S6, to take one recent example. But JP Morgan analyst, Narci Chang, denies that Apple start using this technology as just invested 1,400 million dollars in LCD technology and it would be strange to change their minds now.

Maybe Apple finally chooses to include the IGZO LCD technology, which met earlier this month, which could be included in the new range of iPad. These new IGZO LCD display could include a higher resolution than current and also consume up to 90% less energy, with all that that entails, such as increased battery life of the iPhone 7. Of course this technology should be apply to flexible screens this new patent, which we have known thanks to The Week.

Do you think Apple will develop an iPhone 7 fully flexible?