Saturday, April 25, 2015

Video Drop-Test Apple Watch Sport By TechRax Bloggers

After securing one of the first sports version of "smart hours», TechRax went not into the stadium, in the mountains or the gym, and the backyard. The most important thing in this gadget that? Durability and resistance to the blows of fate, as stated in the official advertisement, so that can prevent Apple Watch live through a series of falls from height meter yes on smooth concrete?

The beginning of the third minute of the experiment was marked by a flurry of righteous indignation - has never experimenter so meanly not deprived of the opportunity to continue to play with another toy. And all because someone is a very good reason not review the documentation, because TechRax sincerely believed that its protective glass model Apple Watch is made of sapphire, but in reality it is only a "strengthened ions." Why and shattered, the third time almost to pieces, although the naked eye can see - the conditions under which turned out to be a gadget, far from extreme.

In defense of apple brandy can say that attach the strap to the hand, Apple Watch less likely to go to the last flight of the hard pavement than the iPhone in its case. But the total and irreversible deformation front panel after the second fall produces a very negative impression - I think many will agree with the conclusions TechRax.