Friday, April 10, 2015

What Will It Cost To Repair An Apple Watch Out Of Warranty? Here Are The Prices US Officials

If your Apple Watch out of warranty for some reason. Here are the prices of these repairs for the US territory.

As other products, Apple will offer a service of repair or replacement of your Apple Watch even if it were to be, for any reason, out of warranty. The prices of repairs will certainly not be cheap, but it will provide certainty to resolve any problems that may plague your Apple Watch.

Here is the table of the costs of the repairs out of warranty for the US market:

Apple has also provided a cost for the replacement of the battery out of warranty Apple Watch staring at $ 79 in order to give a new life to all those devices that, after a long and intense daily use, suffer from problems of battery life .

Apple has provided the opportunity to request the replacement of the damaged device without expressed then have the need to go directly to the Apple Store and not do without their device even for a few days. On these occasions, Apple asks to block a certain amount on your credit card to guarantee the return of the damaged device. Prices will be commensurate with the value of the device in the possession and, in the event that the user has not signed the guarantee program additional Apple Care +, also provide for a small additional fee. Here is the complete table of the various costs for that operation for Apple USA:

If Apple receive a device, according to Apple Care, is not worthy to receive free assistance, the customer will be charged the amount of $ 229, $ 329 or $ 2,800 depending on the device in possession.