Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WWDC 15: 350 Scholarships Ready To Promote Diversity

According to what he says Re / Code, Apple has nearly doubled the number of scholarships for the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, with the aim of supporting diversity.

The Californian company is offering up to 350 scholarships to students over the age of 13 years and members of organizations working to promote science, engineering, technology and mathematics in favor of women and minorities.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has promised to take action to promote greater diversity, after the results of the report on the diversity of last April, revealed that the company mostly composed of white males. Recall that the scholarships last year were 200.

"There will also be up to 350 scholarships WWDC, to offer to students and members of the participating organizations that deal with science, technology, engineering and mathematics around the world the opportunity to receive a free ticket." - Says Apple in its press release available online.