Saturday, April 25, 2015

Youtube Creates Solution For Anyone Who Wants An Apple Watch Gold Without Paying Too Much

With the cost ranging between $ 10,000 and $ 17,000, Apple Watch Edition is one of the most expensive devices that Apple has brought to market. And not that it did custom work with low prices, but considering that the gold 18k model is designed for a very specific niche, certainly the general public does not show buying interest, but certainly all have a desire to have one in hand.

Because it was thought that public who want but can not have a Edition Watch the YouTuber CaseyNeistat published a video with a very simple solution for those who want to pay little and have a model "gold". The video below speaks for itself:

Starting with an extremely subtle unboxing, the boy remove the device from its original box so that the whole process is done. He does everything to the screen and the digital crown are not damaged by ink spray, and if you're still thinking "Yep, that until it is a good idea!", Imagine that the speaker and microphone were impregnated ink. Not counting the buttons, which must surely have caught a little after receiving the inkjets.

Okay, maybe this is not the best alternative for those who want to have a Watch Edition at hand and not even the safest. But the video stands out for its creativity and courage of the young man painting with a simple spray a watch that costs $ 399 in the US and is still undergoing a major problem of distribution.