Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apple tops list of companies with "clean energy" released by Greenpeace

Apple is constantly striving to become a large company in the market, especially when it comes to supporting the environment. Gradually the company is transforming its energy into renewable worldwide, until recently expanded its environmental initiative for China factories. Much of this innovation is the fault of Apples CEO, Tim Cook, who is a great activist.

The company Steve Jobs continues to be a leader when it comes to environmental, and information was confirmed in a report revealed by Greenpeace. Among all the companies named in the list, Apple was the only one to reach 100% of totally clean energy aspect, related number to all the changes the company has made in recent times.

Last year the company announced several plans to use renewable energy farms in its facilities, with the intention of someday becoming the first major company in the world fully moved with that kind of energy.

Interestingly, Apple really led in all aspects, was the only company to receive "A" note in all evaluations conducted by Greenpeace. None of the other companies on the list have achieved the results that Apple reached just Facebook that was closest with three notes "A" and "B".

Viewing detail the new strategy held by Apple, Greenpeace praised all environmental initiatives that the company is carrying out in recent times. The support from the environmental organization is mainly for the actions of Apple, which in addition to change their way of operating in the market also boosts their partners to do the same. In a way, this ends up modifying the environmental sector as a whole.