Monday, May 11, 2015

Apple Watch withstood a dive to 40 meters and swim for 1000 [Video]

We have repeatedly discussed the issue of water resistance Apple Watch. In an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook said that taking a shower with their smart watches. Such information tends to suggest that the gadget was sufficient protection from water, which is essential for the device worn on the wrist. According to tests by YouTube-channel DC Rainmaker, this information is completely untrue.

Residents of nine countries first got the opportunity to buy new Apple Watch. And, of course, they began to test and strongly feel the strength of novelty. One of the tests was the immersion in water. Videobloger DC Rainmaker conducted three different experiments, recording the entire process on video. In the first enthusiast swam in the pool with the clock on the left arm of 1000 meters. In the second test DC Rainmaker jumped into the pool with 10-meter tower.

After Apple Watch successfully passed the tests, the clock waiting for the third test. The final test for devaysa become a pressure chamber simulating a dive to a depth of 40 meters. As a result, the clock were in working order, properly operated and did not show any signs of disturbances. Perhaps in the future such a test will affect the health of the device, however, the degree of protection has done a great experiment confirms. At least, swimmers can safely use Apple Watch.